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My Passion for the Community

My Passion for the Community

I have a passion for giving back to the community and sharing my knowledge with others.

The Medupi 400Kv power line project came to an end in April 2012 where I was actively involved as an NCC Environmental Officer, in the environmental monitoring of the building and erection phase, of this power line project. The contractors started to dismantle camp in March 2012 and I approached them with an idea to donate all their used air conditioners to a local double medium school in Thabazimbi. Once the contractors agreed, I organised for 11 air conditioners to be off loaded and installed at Bosveld  Akademie double medium school. I told the Headmaster that now the school children can enjoy their school classes in a much cooler environment.

Andre handing over the air-conditioners to the principal

The second community project I got involved in within Thabazimbi was started by a community member who bought a building next to the local community. I helped her to re-vamp, paint, and plaster the building. The plan is for this facility to be used as a soup kitchen and feed the hungry and as a community centre to support the homeless.  This will be achieved by partnering with faith-based organisations and other partners who can raise awareness around social issues such HIV, alcohol abuse, drugs and crime which are highly prevalent in this community. I am also planning to start a vegetable garden project to teach the local community how to grow their own vegetables and facilitate environmental awareness and education training regarding waste management and general environmental issues.

Andre assisting with the community centre re-vamp


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