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NCC Staff Awards 2012

NCC Staff Awards 2012

In September each year we reflect on what the company has achieved in the past year and recognise the ‘heroes’ among us. These are staff who live our brand in their everyday lives - staff from whom we can all draw energy. We recognise these leaders as people we can look up to and from whom we can learn. All our staff are encouraged to nominate colleagues for the awards which are based on our strategic philosophy.

The NCC Environmental Services Team


Below are the awards with a brief description and the winner and runner-up in each category.  We are immensely proud of them.

1. Real Growth Award

This is the top award at NCC and goes to someone who lives our brand, adding value to people, planet and business.

Winner - Justin Taylor

Justin has been with the company since January 2009 and from the moment he joined, it was evident that he would grow into a valuable asset.  Over the last year Justin has contributed greatly to the growth of his team.  He takes the time to mentor others and is always willing to help and advise, both internally and externally.  Justin always gives meaningful input into the growth of the business and does so with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.  The quality of his work on site has earned him respect with the client and with every person who interacts with him. The site that Justin works on is situated between operational fuel refineries and is heavily contaminated – a fact not known at the commencement of the project.  Justin and his team have risen to the challenge of helping our client meet their responsibility, constantly finding innovative ways to remove or remediate the 1000s of tons of soil and 1000s of litres of contaminated ground water. Delivering more than expected Justin has educated our client (and their client) in the value of environmental compliance. His can-do attitude and consistently high level performance motivates those around him.  Justin is a true NCC ambassador. 

Justin Taylor receiving the Real Growth Award

Runner Up - Susan Slabbert

Susan works on 8 projects concurrently – with one in Belfour, Mpumalanga and the others in and around Lephalale, she drives an average of 1200km each week. Feedback from clients has been astonishing confirming her work ethic and the strong relationships she has built. One of Susan’s projects required a team effort from the “Lephalale NCC team” in saving hundreds of endangered baboon spiders of various species from certain destruction. Susan is the embodiment of real growth managing all 8 projects with such a high level of quality while remaining level headed and true to her values.  Despite the challenges of multiple projects, including little time at home, she remains happy, positive and inspiring.  It is clear that she believes in what she does and because of that, others believe in it too.

2. The Environment Award

This award is about the earth - conserving and creating sustainable environments,  walking the talk, practicing what we preach and never compromising.

Winner – Carlene van der Heiden

Carlene constantly walks the talk and reminds the rest of us of the importance of doing the same.  Her unending enthusiasm and passion for the environment is infectious and inspires many of us to do better in our daily lives.  Carlene commits much of her private time to organising and taking part in environmental activities such as tree plantings and beach clean-ups.  Carlene is not only a communicator of environmental issues, but also a moral barometer of sustainability.  Her personal action in getting her hands dirty is an exemplar of what so many of us forget - that local action for the environment is the most powerful contribution that we can make in and out of work. She is one of those people that will not cheat with her recycling - even if no one is watching.

Runner Up - Nandi Gumede

Nandi was part of our 2011 intake of interns.  Her deep passion for the environment, both natural and social, is evident in her daily actions.  She is always happy to advise where she can and is willing to be the ‘villain’ for the benefit of the Environment.   Nandi was one of the 3 candidates selected by Green Matter as an ambassador and young leader in the Biodiversity and Environmental sector.   Nandi handles big challenges in her stride and has a keen interest in developing her skills to become even better at what she does.  Nandi is part of the CSI committee and as difficult as it is to be a part of a committee when on site, Nandi seems to make it work and is always the first to put forward suggestions and cool ideas.

3. Partnerships Award

The Partnership Award goes to a staff member who really understands client businesses and co-creates solutions with clients and partners. It is about internal teamwork and combining our individual strengths and capabilities to offer holistic solutions.

Winner – Alfred Ayres

Alfred has always been a positive influence to those around him. From his role as an ECO and now as a Team Manager he has sought to add value wherever possible and actively seeks opportunities for those around him.  Alfred is constantly communicating with his staff and the client to ensure that the client’s needs are addressed and that staff consistently perform at the highest level possible.  His knowledge, communication and work ethic have directly led to the extension of multiple contracts, the addition of contracts and a significant change in the client’s perception of NCC.  Alfred has been integral to achieving not only NCC’s internal goals but also those of the client, often without recognition or reward for his efforts. Alfred has become a trusted partner for the client and is often called upon to advise on issues outside his scope.

Runner Up - Andile Mafika

After starting his career with NCC in the baboon monitoring project, Andile took on the task of EO for a large contractor on an even larger project. He has quickly developed into a promising young EM professional - meeting the challenges posed to him while remaining positive and enthusiastic. Compliments from a client that has been honoured for their environmental performance are evidence that Andile has become a key member of the project team and is essential to their success. Andile’s ability to be ‘client-centric’ while still living the NCC brand and values has built a business partnership with the client that will extend beyond this project.

NCC staff eagerly awaiting the results of the NCC Awards 2012

4. Empowering Award

The Empowering Award is awarded to an individual who excels in educating and enabling our teams, our clients and our industry partners to ensure that together we strive towards real growth for people, planet and business.

Winner – Stephen Beukes

Stephen has been a trusted advisor to the leadership of NCC from when he first joined our team.  He takes the time to mentor those around him and makes sure that he leaves them feeling inspired.  He encourages others to improve themselves and in so doing, improves the business.  He spends time building partnerships with others in our industry and shares his ideas and expertise with them.  Stephen is always looking for better ways to do things and often facilitates groups to help realise these ideas.  Stephen takes up his daily tasks with enthusiasm and gusto.  No task is too big for him and he is willing to take on any challenge – with a smile.  Stephen always sees the positive in any situation or person and encourages others to do the same.  Stephen puts a high price on the development of others, be it in the from of our intern development programme, our internal and external training, the accreditation of our own training programme or the simple mentoring of subordinates.  He believes in growth and takes those around him along on the journey.

Runner Up - Trevor O’Donoghue

Trevor has been a huge addition to the management of the Industrial and Parastatal Business Unit . He has taken an interest in his staff and has actively pursued their growth and development.  Over the last few years Trevor has been instrumental in the intern programme, and has received nothing but praise from those he has been involved with.  Over and above his internal role at NCC, Trevor has joined one of our client’s team at a senior level.  He has coached and mentored those around him, from the client’s Environmental Officers to programme managers.  He has received numerous commendations and recognition for his contribution to the project and the value he brings to those around him.  Trevor is an enthusiastic and positive person and his attitude spreads to those he spends time with.  He is a huge asset to this business and as mentor he has developed new and raw talent into valuable resources.

The NCC award winners for 2012 were announced at the annual year end function

5. Going the Extra Mile Award

This award goes to an individual who is continuously leading, innovating, doing more and giving more. By going the extra mile, this staff member demonstrates their passion for what they do and believe in.

Winner - Felicity Webb

Felicity’s contribution to the functioning of the Environmental Management Unit is one of the reasons it is so successful.  She is constantly looking at finding better and more efficient ways to support our field staff.  Felicity very often takes on tasks outside her scope of work to support others.  Felicity is the kind of person that would do whatever it takes to make sure she meets client deadlines, even if it means working at odd times.  She never complains and goes about her duties with a great attitude and at times a much needed sense of humour.  She goes the extra mile to make sure that staff understand admin requirements and changes to systems or documentation.  She is always keen to help in other areas of the business and often gives up personal time to assist her colleagues and the business in projects outside her scope.   Felicity always makes herself available to take part in and support NCC initiatives such as the Hungry Lynx Project, beach clean-ups, the IMPI challenge and many more.

Runner Up - Bianca van Heerden

Bianca undertook a massively challenging project and has shown the ability to handle great levels of stress and pressure and has (without question) adhered to any and all requests made by NCC and the client.  Her project has been testing from the start, not just with regards to its location, but its scale and complexity are nothing to be laughed at.  She has taken the numerous issues, from farmers, to contractors walking off site, to endangered birds, to client head office pressures, all in her stride and has become an integral part of the project team.  She has been recognised for her tenacity by the client’s senior management and has proven time and again her resilience and enthusiasm in achieving the best result possible.

Congratulations to the award winners for 2012


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