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NCC does National Science Week

NCC does National Science Week

NCC had the opportunity to take part in the 2014 National Science Week. This event was organised by the Bergville Community Builders and held at the Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme. Many learners from various backgrounds attended this event, and NCC staff Phindiwe and Alastair were there to give them some guidance in the field of conservation, environmental science and environmental management.

In celebration of National Science Week, a career guidance exhibition was held at the Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme. The event was an initiative by Bergville Community Builders (BCB). BCB is made up of a group of professionals in different fields of study. These professionals are from Bergville and are the products of various schools in the area. They are committed to educating the youth of Bergville about the different career paths available, as well as bridging the distance between Bergville and different tertiary institutions. This is achieved through organising a variety of educational events throughout the year. NCC raised its flag amongst other organizations that supported the event.

As the days began with a morning prayer, this picture took me back to my school days when my head was filled with endless possibilities and belief that I could be whatever I wanted to become. My task in this event was to share my career experience, as well as enlighten these students in the fields of nature conservation, and environmental science/management through some of the service lines offered by NCC Environmental Services.

As students gathered around the NCC table, I realised how big the gap is that exists between schools in and around cities and those in rural areas. The field of environmental management was new to most of these students yet we live in a world that preaches sustainable development.  How can we conserve our natural resources and then hand them over to people that have no idea how to further conserve it? It is at that point that the growth of people, planet and business made sense to me.  My duty was to help these students grow; their growth would contribute to the growth of the planet and a variety of businesses.

I shared all that I thought would help these students, not only with careers, but also to give hope and rekindle that spark of believing that no matter what your background looks like, there are endless possibilities. One of my aims going to this exhibition was to start conversations around environmental issues and through these conversations the students would identify different career paths and the roles that they can play in sustainable development. I wanted these students to make informed decisions when applying to different universities.

This experience was eye-opening, fun, exhausting and fulfilling at the same time. It taught me that education is the key solution to various challenges that our country is facing. I learnt that there is always someone that needs to know what you already know. All that is required of us is to give a bit of our time to those less fortunate than us.

A note from Alastair Campbell, the Team Manager for Generation Projects at NCC:

This was a great three days at the DPSS – it was evident how valuable this endeavor was for the learners. What I found amazing was that the environmental sector is almost a surprise for NSW: yet we are scientists of a sort, and I think that the learners took a lot away from the stand, and Phindi’s knowledge and advice for the future.

I would love for this to be a permanent fixture for this area, and I believe that it will be useful for staff in other parts of the country to find out about similar programmes that run during the week that we may be able to lend support to.

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