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National Arbor Week 2014

National Arbor Week 2014

Celebrate Arbor this week 1st - 7th September and plant a tree in your community or organisation!

Arbor Week is celebrated every year in the first week of September. It is a favoured Environmental Day, because it is a simple enough day to get a school or community involved in something which will be able to benefit so many. It's a great feeling passing a tree and knowing that you are responsible for its presence. Kids love getting their hands dirty when planting trees, and that's a good a sight as any!!

When trying to think of all the advantages of trees for this blog, I couldn't help smile to myself. From my earliest childhood and attempting to climb every tree (no matter how impossible), to angsty teenage years and carving hearts into the bark, to enjoying a cold beverage on a picnic blanket now, trees tend to share the best moments with us. 

Let me stop being nostalgic and encourage you to go out and plant a tree this Arbor Week. Who knows, someone might end up thinking nostaligically about your tree, even when you are no longer around to enjoy it yourself! 

Download our poster here if you would like to use it in your organisation or community.

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