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CapeNature Project - Income Generation for the Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas

CapeNature Project - Income Generation for the Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas

NCC has been appointed by CapeNature to implement Phase One of the 'Investment Business Case of the Income Generation potential of Protected Areas in the Western Cape' project. This project, which forms part of the Western Cape Government's Green Economy initiative, aims to identify the most significant income generation opportunities for CapeNature and develop a business plan and investment case that will enable the launch of one or two of the identified initiatives in Phase Three of the project.

project logoThis Blog Post is primarily intended as an online project page to facilitate engagement with CapeNature employees and stakeholders enabling them to learn more about Protected Area (PA) Financing and provide guidance for how they can contribute and further participate in the project. 

To this end, we are provinding links to some of the most useful documents and online platforms that can promote information sharing and learning about the topic.  We have also compiled some questions under the 'get involved' heading to stimulate your thinking and invite your participation.  You are encouraged to contact the NCC project team to ask any questions, make suggestions or discuss your thoughts about the project.

The project is an off-shoot of the Western Cape Government's 'Green Economy Strategy' and the '110% Green Initiaitve' through which funds have been made available to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning's 'Provincial Green Economy Project'.  These departments and Provincial Treasury are fully supporting this project in the light of it's potential to reduce dependence by CapeNature on fiscal funding.


 From an organisational perspective, it is clear that a significant mind-shift is required for conservation agencies and their employees to learn to 'think like a business'.  Conservation professionals understand the need to source funding from new and innovative sources in order to cover the costs of PA management, however they generally lack the entrepreneurial and business skills required to understand how they can leverage the natural assets they manage as tradable commodities beyond their value for tourism.

Central Region Workshop

This is quite understandably not in the nature of your typical conservator as, to date, PA's have been largely financed by governments.  As a result PA managers have not needed to supplement this income stream through anything other than existing tourism revenue and funding proposals for Natural Resource Management projects. However, around the world and especially in developing countries, this reliance on government funding and a limited number of additional funding streams is not yeilding sufficient resources to optimally manage protected areas.

The project aims to engage with CapeNature staff through a series of regional workshops facilitated by members of the project team. These workshops have been sheduled as follows:

  • 24 November - Western Region in Porterville
  • 27 November - Head office support, Scientific services and Programme staff at Driftsands NR
  • 9 December - Eastern Region in George
  • 10 December - Central Region in Hermanus

Further follow-up engagements will be scheduled for January and February 2015.


Project Photo


Get Involved

You can assist our collective efforts to identify and develop new and innovative income streams to finance protected areas in the Western Cape by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your innovative idea for a sustainable income generation initiaitive that will help CapeNature to fund the costs of managing protected areas?
  2. Who is a good person to speak to for insights into income generation opportunities in the Western Cape?
  3. Which companies/organisations could be approached to invest in income generating initiatives?
  4. What risks should be taken into consideration when it comes to generating income from the natural assets in our protected areas?


 share your ideas with us


NCC has created a dedicated project email address where you can send all your thoughts, ideas and questions about income generation opportunities and sustainable financing in general.


Please provide sufficient details for us to link your idea to a specific Nature Reserve, group/cluster of Nature Reserves or Programme.  Please also provide your contact details so that we are able to contact you for clarity.

 Workshop Photo


 George Workshop


Lets Talk



You are invited to contact the members of the project team to ask questions and engage further around your ideas.

Andrew Purnell, Project Manager - andrewp@ncc-group.co.za  |  021 702 2884021 702 2884  |  082 454 3744082 454 3744

Mark Botha, Project Advisor - mark@ecological.co.za

Donovan Kirkwood, Project Advisor - don@ecological.co.za

Farha Domingo, Asssistant Project Manager - farhad@ncc-group.co.za  |  021 702 2884021 702 2884


PLEASE NOTE: This Blog post is a working document and will be added to as the project progresses.


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