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BCB Career Guidance Day 2015

BCB Career Guidance Day 2015

In February 2015, our resident career guidance guru, Phindi Mthembu attended another career guidance day close to her site in KwaZulu-Natal, sharing her knowledge on environmental management and developing a career in this every changing and exciting industry.

The beginning of the year marks a new opportunity for students, especially matriculants, to make positive steps toward identifying and setting their career path. Generally, by this point in time, most matriculants have selected certain streams and chosen their paths, but I believe that there are always opportunities to be explored. When making these life changing decisions, it is important for students to gather as much information as possible so as to make informed choices.

Bergville Community Builders (BCB) is an organisation which was  formed 11 years ago by a group of professionals from different fields, originally from Bergville in KwaZulu Natal, with an aim to educate and guide 32 high schools in the area. Their intention is not only to assist in guiding career choices, but also to assist in identifying entry requirements and filling in applications to different institutions. The 2015 event was supported by eminent organisations like Eskom and South African Weather Services. BCB decided to involve NCC Environmental Services to represent the environmental sector, a sector which wasn’t very well represented previously.

Following the National Science Week in 2014, where I addressed groups of students on different careers in Environmental Management, I was invited again to take part in the BCB Career Guidance Day which was held on the 07th of February 2015. My task for the day was to share my day to day duties at Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme, highlighting the link between the knowledge gathered in university and how it is implemented in my daily activities on site. I also advised on university entry requirements in the field of environmental science/management.

I enjoyed sharing my journey in the field of environmental management and how I got into NCC Environmental Services and the experience I have acquired in this short space of time. The diversity of services provided by NCC Environmental Services helps to enlighten the students of opportunities in the broad field of environmental management and the role that they can play in ensuring sustainable development.

There were over 200 students that attended the event, and hopefully this event will continue to grow. Teachers and other organisations present also showed interest in the services that are provided by NCC. Suffice to say, not all students that were present at the event will become environmentalists, but as environmental issues become more prevalent in society, it is anticipated that everyone will have to part to play in environmental management going forward.

After the event, the students left with knowledge on environmental issues and the role that they can play as our future leaders in sustainable development. Most importantly, though, they left feeling more confident to make informed decisions on their careers. I believe that, once again, NCC Environmental Services has facilitated Real Growth in the lives of students of Bergville.

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