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NCC recently linked up with SAYes who provide youth, leaving children's homes, with guidance and mentoring.


OUR Partner

SAYes was founded in 2008 to offer much-needed mentoring for children and young people in South Africa.

SAYes facilitates mentoring for youth leaving children's homes with to guide their transition into adulthood. Mentors provide guidance for youth as they develop life skills, further their education and source suitable housing, in order for them to participate in society as independent, mature, responsible adults. www.sayesmentoring.org


SAYes can be supported in various ways.

The areas where NCC staff and partners can support SAYes

·       By Cash Donation: Donations are used to cover costs incurred. Some of these costs includes the recruitment, screening, training, monthly workshops, support from specialized staff and graduation of mentors and mentees. Visit www.sayesmentoring.org/donations

·       By becoming a SAYes Youth Mentor: SAYes screens, selects, trains and supports volunteer mentors who are individually matched with a young person who is living in or has recently exited from care (aged between 14 and 25). SAYes mentors meet their mentee every week for one hour over the course of the year and attend monthly (two hour) workshops. If you are interested in becoming a SAYes youth mentor, please visit www.sayesmentoring.org/mentors for more information.

·       By becoming a Resource Partner: SAYes partners with private sector organisations (businesses and non-profits) committed to supporting transition-age youth. Our partners define the specific terms of their support with SAYes across five key youth transition areas. If you are interested in becoming a SAYes resource partner, please visit  www.sayesmentoring.org/partners for more information.

·       By becoming a Drop-In mentor: SAYes recruits experts, public figures or otherwise accomplished individuals who volunteer with SAYes to provide guidance and inspiration in a one-off, one-to-one discussion session with a mentor-mentee pair interested in a particular area. If you are interested in becoming a SAYes drop-in mentor, please visit www.sayesmentoring.org/drop-in-mentors for more information.

Increased value proposition

During the interactions between Michelle Potter (SAYes) and NCC, we highlighted a potential link/gap in the sales or funding message from SAYes. Being an international company, SAYes overlooked the link to the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) codes. NCC highlighted that SAYes could give their funders a double value proposition. Their funder can now get the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting meaningful and much-needed social change through SAYes and, if they set it up properly, they can also claim their staff hours or rand value contribution as part of their BBBEE spend.

NCC also linked their BBBEE auditor with SAYes to support them further on this front.

NCC registered as a “drop-in mentor” and one of NCC’s Directors has signed up as a transition mentor. This focussed and organised mentoring programme offered Linden (& NCC) a unique opportunity to impact the life of a young person as they face significant life transitions.


My experience

I got exposed to some of the realities that our neighbours have to deal with on a daily basis. Spending time with my mentee highlighted the privileges, and opportunities, that I had growing up. It also highlighted my responsibility to make a positive impact on the life of somebody else. SAYes is a well-managed, organized platform for any person who wants to give back in a formal way, while being pushed out of their comfort zone. The training and coaching support from their staff will allow you to grow while you are gaining confidence in what you are doing. I was reminded again, to be humble and grateful, because we all have different journeys.



By growing SAYes ability and NCC staffs networks, we believe that we found a way to show how we can contribute to the “Growth of People”. The NCC mentor grew, the SAYes mentee’s will grow, as well as  many other organisations who will be able to partner with SAYes, due to the link created within the BBBEE codes.

We are excited and proud to be part of the life changing experience that is being driven by SAYes, and we challenge you to get involved. Please visit their website to assess how you or your organisation can become involved.

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