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NCC - Playing a leading role in growing the biodiversity economy

NCC is playing a leading role in the development of the biodiversity economy in the Western Cape. This blog post provides an overview of our work in this area which includes: a) the drafting of two reports for the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (EADP) in 2016 with recommendations on how to support the growth of two sub-sectors of the biodiversity economy; b) the implementation of a three year project funded by the Table Mountain Fund (TMF) to develop a business model for emerging entrepreneurs to participate in the biomass value chain and c) our ongoing participation with other key role-players in forums and workshops aimed at developing the biomass value chain. The motivation for our involvement in this space is to enable the more cost-effective clearing of invasive alien trees by using revenue derived from the sale of biomass to clear more hectares at a lower cost per person day. This aligns with our mission to conserve biodiversity, restore ecosystem functioning (especially in riparian areas), conserve water, reduce fire risk and to create work opportunities and employment in rural areas.

Risk Management for Shark Attacks on Reunion Island

Following the three fatal shark attacks in the last 18 months at Reunion Island, the French authorities, represented by the Reunion Island Regional Council, decided to organise a seminar related to the risk management for shark attacks in Reunion Island.