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Tree Permits and their impacts

The permit application process for tree relocation on construction sites sometimes ends up delaying a project, especially if the conditions on the site are different from the initial application. Responsible environmental management sometimes means having to drive to the permit office to get the permit in your hands so the project can continue. That's our kind of 'going the extra mile'!

Conserving Endangered Species on Construction Sites – challenges and opportunities

Transmission lines are integral for getting the energy produced around the country to the grid, however linear projects such as power lines and pipelines have a whole suite of environmental impacts which need to be mitigated by the project team. On this particular project the impact on an eagle species, more specifically the Martial Eagle, was a new challenge.

Bird Diverter Research on the Omega Sterrekus Substation

As is the nature of a lot of the projects within the Construction Environmental Management Unit, some present exciting opportunities to incorporate research into the day to day lives of the Environmental Manager on site. On a site up the West Coast of South Africa, the potential for analysing the effectiveness of ‘whirley bird repellers’ was realised, and researcher (and Environmental Control Officer) Nandi Gumede reported back on the results.

CapeNature Project - Income Generation for the Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas

NCC has been appointed by CapeNature to implement Phase One of the 'Investment Business Case of the Income Generation potential of Protected Areas in the Western Cape' project. This project, which forms part of the Western Cape Government's Green Economy initiative, aims to identify the most significant income generation opportunities for CapeNature and develop a business plan and investment case that will enable the launch of one or two of the identified initiatives in Phase Three of the project.

NCC participates in leading conservation conference

Over the past few years, the ‘Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice’ organised by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has become the leading gathering of conservation scientists and practitioners in South Africa. NCC’s Conservation Business Unit attended for the second year running to be part of the conversation exploring the practice, science and value of nature conservation.

Medicinal Garden with JJ Rhode Primary School

NCC staff, interns and volunteers assisted the educators and learners of JJ Rhode Primary School in Klapmuts to plant a medicinal garden in their school grounds with plants donated by the Department of Agriculture's LandCare Programme.

World Biodiversity Day 2014

International Day for Biological Diversity (or World Biodiversity Day as it is commonly known) is celebrated on the 22nd of May every year, and every year is a different theme. This year the theme is Island Biodiversity and aims to raise awareness of islands and their unique biodiversity.

Little Holes in the Road Reserve

Who would have thought a few tiny burrows, most measuring less than 3cm, would generate so much attention, frustration and excitement.

The Great Rhino Debate

A hot topic on the minds and lips of many South Africans is the ‘Rhino Crisis’ which is being debated, or more accurately ‘argued’, across the country at braais, around the dinner table, on the golf course and in the office.