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Tree Permits and their impacts

The permit application process for tree relocation on construction sites sometimes ends up delaying a project, especially if the conditions on the site are different from the initial application. Responsible environmental management sometimes means having to drive to the permit office to get the permit in your hands so the project can continue. That's our kind of 'going the extra mile'!

Conserving Endangered Species on Construction Sites – challenges and opportunities

Transmission lines are integral for getting the energy produced around the country to the grid, however linear projects such as power lines and pipelines have a whole suite of environmental impacts which need to be mitigated by the project team. On this particular project the impact on an eagle species, more specifically the Martial Eagle, was a new challenge.

Arbor Week 2015 - Stories from the field

Arbor Day was initially promoted by Mr J Sterling Morton in 1872 with the slogan "other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future". We're big fans of Arbor Day and here are some stories from the field.

Reusing wooden crates to benefit local communities in Limpopo

Many projects which NCC manage generate a fair amount of reuseable waste, which is often encouraged to be redistributed to the community to benefit the surrounding areas. Caspa Neluheni, working on a project in Limpopo, shares his story of redistribution to a local school.