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In search of Boophone

As part of the Longyuan Mulilo joint partnership's Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and Environmental Authorisation (EA) it was stipulated that professional faunal and floral search and rescue be done on all areas marked for development including roads, site camps, laydown areas and turbine positions. During this activity Boophone disticha, a poisonous bulbous plant that requires a licence for removal and relocation, was discovered.

A day in the life...

There is never a dull moment in the life of an Environmental Manager - this is one of the more memorable experiences.

GreenMatter Education Day

On the 5th December 2014, Nandi Gumede, Environmental Manager and GreenMatter fellow, was asked to be a part of an environmental education day at Betty's Bay in the Western Cape, with the intention to give back and inspire the youth to consider careers in Biodiversity.

Little Holes in the Road Reserve

Who would have thought a few tiny burrows, most measuring less than 3cm, would generate so much attention, frustration and excitement.

Limpopo Provincial Environment Day Career Exhibition 2013

The National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) through the Education, Training and Development Directorate is responsible for promoting environmental skills development and to attract youth into the environmental sector.

Environmental Management on the Absa Cape Epic 2013

We chat to Crecilda van der Merwe about her experience being the Environmental Control Officer (ECO) on the Absa Cape Epic 2013. NCC has a long history with the event, working with the event organisers to create a mountain biking event that takes people to remote areas of South Africa while having a low impact on those wild places.

To TREE or not to TREE: Part 1

Working as an environmentalist in the construction industry, in an area commonly known as the 'Bushveld', I have to answer questions regarding protected trees, tree permits, tree removal, relocation etc. on a daily basis. Most of the time these questions are asked by the same people over and over again and each time I find myself explaining it in a different way, which made me ask myself the question - Am I overthinking this?

Ingula - The Cream of the Crop

Carlene van der Heiden describes her time working on the Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme project as an NCC Environmental Officer (EO).

NCC’s Rhino Ranger

Du Toit Malherbe shares his endeavours of working on a game farm, monitoring rhinos and ensuring the safety of workers on a construction site.