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The Put Foot Rally 2013

Between 18 June and 5 July 2013, four intrepid travellers embarked on the journey of a lifetime: The Put Foot Rally 2013.

NCC World Peaks Challenge

In an innovative and ground-breaking approach to employee and stakeholder engagement, NCC has initiated a concept called Naturally Driven which is a platform created in line with our vision of Real Growth for People, Planet and Business. Through this platform we have launched one of the world’s greatest challenges: The NCC World Peaks Challenge - To summit the highest peak in every country in the world!

Conquering Mafadi Peak: NCC’s First World Peak

The highest peak in South Africa and NCC's first world peak in the 'NCC World Peaks Challenge' can be reached in a 4 day hike, summiting Mafadi Peak at 3450m. The journey starts from Injasuthi base camp in KwaZulu-Natal's Central Drakensberg or rightfully known as the ‘Barrier of Spears’.

Least Stressed and Naturally Healthy

Healthy eating and fitness is a big part of NCC and all staff are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the rewards of sport and being outdoors. We were overjoyed when we received the results of the Discovery Healthy Company Index and received top awards.

Cunene to Cape Town Cycle Trip 2012

In April of this year, as part of a unique approach to NCC Environmental Services business philosophy, and as a personal challenge, environmentalist and novice cyclist, Philip Dukas cycled from Ruacana Falls on the banks of the Cunene River in northern Namibia to NCC’s offices in Westlake, Cape Town.