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NCC's Green Head Office

NCC Environmental Services (NCC) is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices in line with our vision of “Real Growth for People, Planet and Business”.

Developing our Leaders

NCC Directors, Linden Rhoda and Justin Miller recently completed their Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development. Their Graduate class included top management from major organisations such as ABSA, Standard Bank and Woolworths - just to name a few. They both received 95% for their final assessments which was the highest ever awarded by the lecturer in his 9 years of lecturing. Justin Miller received the award for top student.

NCC at the Burger King Launch in Cape Town

NCC was approached to manage the waste at the long awaited Burger King launch held in Cape Town on the 9th of May 2013. A total of 31 bags of recyclable material was collected as well as a large amount of general waste. We chat to Romeo Paulse from the NCC Film and Events Department.

Groen Sebenza Internship Recruitment

NCC is taking part in the Groen Sebenza Jobs fund initiative led by SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute). We are 1 of 33 partner companies taking part in the initiative.

NCC World Peaks Challenge

In an innovative and ground-breaking approach to employee and stakeholder engagement, NCC has initiated a concept called Naturally Driven which is a platform created in line with our vision of Real Growth for People, Planet and Business. Through this platform we have launched one of the world’s greatest challenges: The NCC World Peaks Challenge - To summit the highest peak in every country in the world!

Conquering Mafadi Peak: NCC’s First World Peak

The highest peak in South Africa and NCC's first world peak in the 'NCC World Peaks Challenge' can be reached in a 4 day hike, summiting Mafadi Peak at 3450m. The journey starts from Injasuthi base camp in KwaZulu-Natal's Central Drakensberg or rightfully known as the ‘Barrier of Spears’.

Patterns in the Landscape

Biodiversity Specialist, Robin Jangle gives us a look into the early days and how his passion for the environment was sparked and why we should appreciate and respect all of nature’s wonders.

Hooked on Tagging!

NCC Environmental Manager, Chris Wilkinson shares his love for fishing and explores tagging and its scientific benefits.