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NCC Environmental Services was approached by the Cape Bird Club and requested to spearhead an initiative at the Strandfontein Birding Area within the False Bay Nature Reserve to create purpose-built breeding habitat for Brown-throated martins Riparia paludicola and Kingfishers Alcedo atthis in the form of steep artificial riverside embankments.

Monto Rosso Egyptian Goose Removal

Monto Rosso is an attractive residential complex in Brackenfell. A few months ago a pair of Egyptian geese decided to land in the complex and, after a few residents fed them, decided to stay. What initially seemed to be a cute addition to the complex, soon developed into a real problem when ten goslings hatched. The resultant family was now making quite a racket and their droppings were defiling the pool, court yard and lawn areas.

Practice Reduction to Reduce Suppression

NCC Environmental Services was approached by the Northoaks Estate, Hout Bay, and requested to clear a fire break along the bordering mountainside. A firebreak acts as a zone from which to fight and prevent the downward spread of the inevitable future wildfires that are synonymous with the Western Cape and its urban interface