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Events organisers committed to green

Events organisers committed to green

Stillwater Sport and Entertainment
Stillwater Sport and Entertainment, a leader in the event management and brand activation industry, strives for bigger, better green events with the endorsement and assistance of NCC Environmental Services.

Stillwater Sport and Entertainment approached NCC in 2009 to assist with writing up an Environemental Management Plan for the ProNutro African Xtrail. Stillwater has a team of professionals dedicated to, and passionate about, delivering a top level product for sponsors, competitors and spectators alike. In order to meet their company's goals in terms of the environment, NCC has been assisting them by auditing all their events.  The auditing process has enabled NCC to better understand Stillwater event requirements and to develop a Environmental Management System for the company, which will guide all the activities within Stillwater.

The Stillwater events calender covers events that traverse some of the most spectactular – and sensitive – environments of the Western Cape, Gauteng and KZN.  For this reason, as part of the auditing system, NCC has facilitated Stillwater with writing up and adopting an Environmental Policy.  The policy will be the driving force for Stillwater to reach their environmental goals, and to set targets that are meaningfull to them and achieve real growth for them.

NCC has since been appointed to do environmental management for their entire events calender.  We have addressed issues including:

  • Helping the organisers secure all the necessary permits and permissions from landowners and Managing Authorities.
  • Ensuring that each event is managed through the implementation of a event specific Environmental Management Plan.
  • Assessing and managing fire risks.
  • Safe disposal of waste water from showers and bike washes.
  • Planning the location of toilet facilities close to start chutes and away from rivers and sensitive areas. 
  • Preventing (and cleaning if necessary) fuel and oil spills from generators and vehicles. 
  • Controlling vehicle movements.
  • Educating participants on the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
  • Educating riders and managing water points and Food stations to minimise littering and to collect and remove products to be thrown away (a half-hour time penalty has now been imposed for littering).
  • Planning routes to avoidminimise erosion. 

In 2011 NCC monitored and reviewed the Xterra: Grabouw, ProNutroAfrican Xtrail, and the ContegoWines2Whales.


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