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Film and Event Management

Successfully staging a major sports event or film shoot takes flexibility, speed, discipline and meticulous attention to detail. We advise event planners, manage and simplify the legal permissions process, manage compliance on site and reduce the risk of environmental or reputational damage.

Conservation Operations

This service heading describes the range of hands-on operational services we provide to biodiversity conservation managers and conservation minded private landowners. NCC's experience in conservation operations extends from catching and relocating snakes and porcupines in residential gardens to managing all of the City of Cape Town's nature reserves (2003-2007). Our operational services are strongly focused on building our clients capacity and so doing contributing towards the real growth of people and the conservation of our planet's biodiversity.

Conservation Consulting

This service heading describes the range of consulting services that we provide to biodiversity conservation managers, conservation organisations and private landowners. Our staff, in partnership with freelance experts, provide strategic and planning advice, project development, project management, facilitation, research and spatial mapping services across a range of projects. Our employees and partners are experienced and well recognized industry experts with substantial hands-on experience and industry know-how.

Health and Safety Services

NCC Health & Safety is a division of NCC Group and aspires to provide its customers with passionate, qualified and competent Health & Safety Professionals whose careers are aligned to promoting a healthy and safe work environment that enables the Real Growth for People, Planet and Business.