Environmental Services

Construction Environmental Management

From project planning, construction, and operational phases through to decommissioning and rehabilitation, NCC provides a comprehensive portfolio of environmental management professionals for construction, mining and industrial projects of all sizes.

Our construction environmental management services include the provision of qualified and competent staff to our clients in their undertaking of the following roles:

  • Environmental Control Officers (ECOs)
    ECOs are responsible for environmental compliance monitoring and reporting.
  • Environmental Managers (EMs)
    EMs ensure the strategic management of environmental-related project components.
  • Environmental Officers (EOs)
    EOs manage the implementation of various environmental specifications.
  • Landowner Liaison Officers (LLOs)
    LLOs act as intermediaries between the project and affected landowners.

These services are offered across South Africa and internationally in a full time or part time capacity.

Construction Environmental Management Track Record

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Environmental Management Business Unit Brochure

An overview of the Environmental Management services offered by NCC along with two recent case studies.

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